Use-cases and benefits of our utility token
The platform's economy is built on the use of the StarBot utility Token (SBT). The token is deeply integrated and has many use-cases inside the platform. Here we take a closer look at how it can be used for interact with in the StarBot ecosystem.

Why we choose the token payment model?

There are several ways in which other trading platforms, trading bots and terminals charge usage fees. For example, the classic way is access with a monthly or annual subscription. Or payment for reaching a profitable trade. There are those who provide the product for free, but in fact receive payment in the form of affiliate commissions from the exchanges on which trading is carried out.
We taking best practices and combined it all so, monetization stimulates tokens storage for higher value in the future (HODL), and staking for passive income. Also SBT token use-cases on trading platform multiply its value.
In economic terms, this helped to obtain an advantageous position for both parties - for the development of the project and for users.
With using a utility token and several principles described below, the project receives funding for further development, and users receive a low cost of using the platform.
On the technical side, the importance of using the token grows as new functionality will be added. In the beginning, we will actively use trading on a centralized exchange, where the token is not so fundamental. But according to the vector of our development, we will increasingly use decentralized opportunities for trading. So, in combined CEX / DEX strategies, the use of a token will be indispensable. And for trading on DEX, carried out entirely using smart contracts, a token is absolutely essential. And of course this makes it possible to charge commissions more clearly.


Several automated token distribution programs will be developed to create the initial popularity of the project. The first one, which operates regularly, is Airdrop for deposit an account for trading. The first deposit from 100 USD equal will be automatically rewarded in SBT. This will allow you to use the first bots absolutely free of charge, and make a decision on the further use of the platform.


Also, the token will provide an opportunity to vote on such important issues.
  • free circulation and emission (unlocking) of the token;
  • the size of platform commissions;
  • adding new trading strategies;
  • other issues raised by the community.

Other benefits of the economic model

The economy of the token is built in such a way that when the platform starts functioning, the cost of using the platform is low, and the price of the token will reflect the success of the platform. At the same time, the number of tokens blocked by users will grew and corresponded to the size of the assets operated by bots. With the growth of popularity, the number of blocked tokens will provoke a shortage, which will positively affect the cost of the SBT token. The tokens received by the platform as a result of profitable trades will be withdrawn from circulation and stored on a separate address for further use in automatic trading pools, which will be available later.

Drivers of token growth

Blocking tokens for running trading bots

When the bot is launched, a system will check sufficient token balance. To launch the bot, you need the number of tokens, according to the assets that the bot will operate on. SBT tokens will be held within your account on the StarBOT platform.
You will need 1000 SBT to launch a bot that will operate the equivalent (at the time of creation and launch of the bot) 1000 $ on your trading account. For trades with margin leverage, the number of tokens required is multiplied according to the leverage. For example, for a bot with $ 1000 assets and x5 leverage, you will need 5000 SBT.
After stopping the bot the tokens will be unlocked and returned. To avoid network fees operations to change the user balance of the SBT token are not performed constantly, but only when assets are withdrawn from the trade balance for the further possibility of selling tokens on third-party resources (exchanges / pools). To avoid dependence on price fluctuations, the determination of the required number of tokens occurs only when the bot is launched.

Usage fees

When new bot starting
Each bot launched will block the required amount of SBT token. The platform does not determine the belonging of the blocked tokens to a specific bot, but only monitors the total required amount. It is necessary to maintain the total amount of token sufficient to cover the assets on the trading account and write off commissions.
For example: If the amount of token on the account of the trading account is equal to the number of assets, after the bot makes the first profit, the commission will be written off and the balance of SBT tokens becomes less than the size of the trading account.
When the bot stops
Tokens will be unlocked and available for further use in new bots or withdrawal from the platform. With the exception of commissions, which are based on the profit created by the bot. The commission in SBT tokens will be withheld according to the profit of the transaction.
Commissions are charged only for profitable trades.
For example, the profit was 3% of the initial allocated asset, respectively, a payment of 3% of the SBT tokens allocated at the beginning for the start of this bot will be charged. When the tokens withheld during the creation of the bot are not enough to cover the commissions, a notification will be sent about the need to replenish the account. The notification can be ignored, in which case, after the bot stops, the commission will be automatically deducted through the purchase of the token.
The commission cannot be more than 20% of the profit in equivalent to $. Example: If the result of the bot's deal is a profit of $ 100, 100 SBT will be withheld, but if at the time of the completion of the deal the cost of the token is $ 1, then only 20 SBT will be withheld.
You can replenish the balance through the token purchase menu using any assets not used for trading. You can enable auto-replenishment and the platform will independently monitor that the balance is positive by purchasing the tokens necessary for commissions. If auto-replenishment is disabled, or there are no free funds on the account to perform an automatic exchange, then after 3 days, if the user does not replenish the balance, the account goes into the Paused state and all bots will stop.
The condition of blocking a tokens for launching bots has an important effect on its price. The ever-growing popularity of the platform is driving the demand for the token. This, in turn, will make profitable not only your bots. By holding the token to launch bots, you can not only cover the costs of making transactions, but also complement your trading strategy with a profitable HODL of the SBT token.
For example, holding 1000 SBT on the account and launching a bot with 1000 $ assets at the beginning of the month brought you 10% profit by the end of the month, it would seem that you need 100 SBT to cover commissions, but if the price of the token increased by 10% during this time, then this will cover your losses.

Indicative tokens unlocking

The maximum emission of the token is 100 million, but they will not be available all at once. Every stage, 5 million are released into circulation. But there is also a separate process that can slow down or speed up this. The unlocking plan can be changed through a vote among token holders. If the current turnover of the token does not cover the growing demand, we will initiate a vote to change the unlock. Also, if the market situation or other factors do not allow the platform to effectively increase the audience and the demand is not sufficient, we raise the issue of suspending the unblocking.
StarBot tokens unlock stages

Exchange commissions

We use BNB commission payments for trading on Binance, and we also receive affiliate commission refunds. Thanks to this, we provide a low commission for transactions of 0.05% (0.1% for leveraged transactions). We also use the commissions received from binance to encourage traders - constant trading competitions will distribute collected by platform commissions among the most active users of the platform.


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