Grid Bot
The GRID Bot is a rising star among several cryptocurrency trading bots. This is an old but powerful trading strategy that is profitable in a fluctuating market. All you have to do is set a range for it, and this will help you automatically โ€œbuy low and sell highโ€ within the region.

Presets for DCA Grid Bots

  1. 1.
    Infinity Grids Bot - When using the GRID Bot, you might miss the profit trend when the price is pumping up. And that's when the Infinity Grids Bot will stand out. Infinity Grids Bot is similar to GRID Bot, but without an upper limit. It still helps you โ€œbuy low and sell highโ€ 24 * 7, but this fraction is relatively small compared to GRID Bot.
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    Leveraged Grid Bot - Combination of GRID Bot with Crypto Loan feature - this is exactly how Leveraged Grid Bot works. The whole concept is the same as that of GRID Bot, but with up to 3x leverage, you can get more profit using your principle. BUT! Using leverage also means there is a chance of liquidation, be aware of the risk before using it.
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    Margin Grid Bot - Similar to the Leveraged Grid Bot, but the collateral will not include a Grid Bot in the Margin Grid Bot. You can also choose LONG or SHORT when using the Margin Grid Bot.
  4. 4.
    Reverse Grid Bot - Reverse Grid Bot is a smart strategy to increase your quote amount with a grid trading strategy. It sells your base currency like bitcoin at a higher price and buys it back at a lower price.
  5. 5.
    Margin Reverse Grid - combining the Reverse Grid Bot with the crypto loan function will allow you to get the Reverse Grid with leverage. Same features as Reverse Grid Bot, but you can use leverage to get more profit. However, be aware of the risk of liquidation when using leveraged trading.
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