DCA Loop
Dollar Cost Averaging Loop Strategy
DCA Loop Bot is one of the most time-tested stock market strategy and is widely used among cryptocurrency trading bots. This is an old but powerful trading strategy that is profitable in a fluctuating market. The bot will help you automatically โ€œbuy / sell on time / at the price and average the rate by martingaleโ€ while staying within the price region, getting profit on both high and low volatility with minimal risk.

DCA Loop Bot Presets

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    Loop Bot - All you need to do is set how much deviation from the current price you allow and the number of orders that will cover this range. You can set up coefficients that will increase the price and volume of each subsequent order in the grid. This will help you average the profit price more efficiently.
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    Reverse Loop Bot is a strategy to increase the base currency. Unlike Loop Bot, which multiplies the quoted asset (USDT, BUSD), it multiplies the base currency (ETH, BTC)
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    Margin Loop Bot is a combination of Loop Bot with a crypto loan function, the concept is the same as Loop Bot, but with leverage (up to 10x). By using your assets as collateral, you can make more profit with your strategy. You can also choose LONG or SHORT when using the Margin Loop Bot - this will change the currency that will be borrowed for transactions. Using leverage also means there is a chance of liquidation, be aware of the risk before using it.
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    Advanced Loop Bot - A strategy to replace a pair at the start of a new cycle. At some points in time, price fluctuations are frequent and the bot makes many profitable trades, at other times the price stands still and the bot is forced to stand idle. Also, the bot can be idle if the initial trading pair does not pass the filters to start. In order for the bot not to be idle, we made an automatic switching of the trading pair.
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    Elastic Loop is a unique strategy that changes the order grid dynamically, aiming to distribute orders (arithmetically or geometrically) in the price fluctuation zone. You can set the location of orders according to Bollinger bands with different periods (1h / 4h / 24h), or other indicators based on volatility. The bot will regularly change the order grid so that the farthest (and largest) orders are executed at the border of the trend reversal.
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