Welcome to StarBot
Welcome to the next level of crypto trading. Here you will find StarBot docs and manuals, were we trying to clarify everything about us.
StarBot is a project that combines classic trading strategies and innovative ways to generate profits in the cryptocurrency market. We set ourselves the task of creating an ecosystem in which traders, as our successful users, make a profit regardless of the state and direction of the crypto market.
StarBot is primarily software designed to interact with the Binance ecosystem - CEX, DEX exchanges using an API interface and smart contracts for Binance Smart Chain.
Using a variety of markets - both with classic order books and AMM, the platform uses features such as high volatility to extract profit. A variety of strategies allows you to choose the most suitable for the market situation, acceptable security and return on investment.
Using the SBT platform utility token, you can launch a variety of trading strategies in a few clicks, through the website or mobile application. Trading commissions and cost of use will surely delight you. And the profit received as a result of the work of your bots will allow you to completely forget about such costs for their use.
Our platform has a cloud structure and in the future will strive to inherit the best practices of WEB3 dApp
We do not offer trust management services for cryptocurrencies and finances. But you can copy the strategies and trades of other successful traders in our Marketplace.
By keeping a sufficient amount of token on your balance, you can have a special status in which you will receive privileges to manage through voting, create new strategies and return commissions.
Also, our service provides convenient interfaces for accessing all possible bot settings, as well as complete statistics on trade and income so that experienced traders can fine-tune and create new unique strategies.
Our team strives to make StarBot as profitable, secure, and easy to use as possible.
In this documentation, you can learn about the trading strategies used, find out how the platform works, get help on how to use the product, and also learn about the further development of the project.
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